Color Management about CMYK Status-A, E, M, T, type1, type2

Dear Master

I only have a CGATS file that includes CMYK, Lab and spectra values.

Q1)Can I use these values to calculate Status-A, E, M, T, type1, type2 and Visual values?

Q2)Can I use these values to calculate dot gain value?

Q3)where can I find these formulas for Status-A, E, M, T, type1, type2 and Visual?

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To get density information from spectral data, there are some calculators on Bruce Lindbloom’s site that should work for this: … lator.html

If you’re measuring with the i1Pro instrument, you’d want to get the 10nm version.

That’s a useful site. If you poke around there some more you can probably find the formulas for these there.

Dear Master,

I try to figure out these questions via … lator.html

But this example is only for RGB. So I don’t have any ideas about CMYK.

another question:
Does these spectral data values in CGATS file are density refraction?

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Sorry for the delayed response.

The spectral values in a CGATS file are percentage reflectance (typically expressed as decimal values in the 0 - 1 range).

Density values can be calculated from spectral values but they are not the same beast.

Hope this helps.