Color Navigator v6 question

having trouble finding any on line Eizo support…
since updating the Color Navigator software it seems to have planted itself in my user startup app list and is now always on…
Anyone know if this is somehow necessary all of a sudden with V6?

Hi Tyler,
No you don’t have to have ColorNavigator on all the time. You only need it when it’s time to recalibrate. Once the color change is saved in the internal graphics on an Eizo, that will stay there even when the display is powered off and on. You may have seen the ColorNavigator “Agent” come up. This is a smaller app and has a couple of functions that are useful:

  • The little circle around the butterfly thing will turn from blue to red when its time to recalibrate, so having it on will show you what state the calibration is in.
  • Also, the Agent allows you to quickly switch from one of the saved targets to another without having to open up the whole ColorNavigator app. Some of the customers I talked to really like to be able to switch to sRGB for example and back again without a lot of hassle.