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Hope this is the right place to post. Wasn’t sure if it should be here or under “monitors” but here goes.

I have a major color problem when editing images. I’m using Ptohoshop CS2. When I save my pictures as for example JPEG or TIFF and then open them in Explorer, Firefox or Windows Picture Viewer the colors are not at all the same as when I edited them in Photoshop - especially the reds are very tweaked. Even when I import them back into Photoshop they are wrong.
I then tried to make all the color profiles in Phostoshop sRGB - both under “edit/color settings” and in the sRGB check box when saving an image. When I did this I could import the image back into Photoshop and the colors would be right. But it still doesn’t solve the problem when looking at the picture anywhere else but Photoshop and that’s a big issue when participating in photo contests where I don’t know which viewer they are using. I want them to see the colors that I see (within the reason of calibration, of course).

I know this is propably an ICC problem and my monitor isn’t properly calibrated - I just can’t see that monitor calibration should be the issue here. But maybe I’m wrong.

Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong? Btw, I’m not very enlightened on the whole color management thing so please speak in easy terms :wink:


Actually, I just found out that if I view the image in Lightroom which is in the Photoshop family the colors are correct.

Different internet browsers will handle color management differently. For example, Windows Internet Explorer does not honor embedded profiles inside images, but Firefox does.

Here’s a page that gives a lot of information about this, including tests to see what your browser is doing with your embedded profile. You just roll over the images with your cursor and click with your cursor and see if there are any color/density changes.

It is usually considered a good idea to convert your images to the sRGB profile if you want to provide the best opportunity for them to be viewed correctly online. In Photoshop this is Edit > Convert to… That way, the image is already in sRGB space and you don’t need to have a profile embedded and hope that your viewers have the correct browsers to see it.

Thats an excellent little tool thanks… Ive got 3 different computers and it gets very difficult sometimes when transfering images across the network… this handy little tool should shed a little light on the subject

cheers :wink:

Better you can pick the hexa decimal color code from web safe color palette. This hexa decimal web safe colors will support all major browsers.
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Don’t open picture in internet browser just download it and open because different internet browser will have there own settings.

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