Color Valet EXTREMELY slow

I just purchased and installed Color Valet Pro. Running Vista Pro 64-bit, 16GB RAM, Dell workstation.

It runs VERY VERY slowly, often taking minutes before allowing me to enter information or responding.

What is the problem.

Also, I see that this is still listed as a beta version, although it was beta 1 1/2 years ago. Since I thought I was paying for a finished service, given I’m wondering what’s up with the “beta” and since paying full price, when a finished product can be expected.


Paul contacted us directly outside of the forums and we worked with him on this issue. There seems to be an issue for some Windows users with a large number of printer queues connected to their system. ColorShuttle 3.2b7 sometimes slows down considerably with this setup. We believe we have a fix for this that will be rolling out with the next version of the software.

We are still in beta for this product. We would have hoped to be out of beta by now, but the slow economy has put a crimp in our programing resources. Actually the core service that you really want - the providing of unlimited profiles - is working better than ever. The feedback we are getting from our customers is that they are really liking these profiles. It’s just the ancillary features like ColorPool and Maxwell Tracking (and some software glitches like this one) that have yet to be fixed before we get out of beta. The really nice thing is that we promised to not “start the clock” on the 18-month term of service until we are out of beta. So those who signed up early are going to be getting over two, maybe three years of service for no extra charge!

At this time, you can still get $20 off the full price: … olid=50086

I am just updating this thread to report that we solved this slow down issue a few versions ago. The software was polling the USB devices too often and once we took care of that, the program became very responsive. Users should not have any trouble with this now.