Color Worksheet Profile Extraction...


I recently attempted to extract Getty’s TIFF RGB color profile from the Getty test image.

Oddly, this profile does not seem to sit well with ColorThink, and I’m unable to extract the profile.

Based on a post made on an Apple-related forum, I would be able to use Applescript to extract the profile.

Frankly it’s not at all critical that I am able to extract the profile - but, I am curious to know why ColorThink is unable complete this task.

Thanks for your help.

I think the reason ColorThink Pro didn’t like it was because the test image was a big file, and I’m guessing you were working with the jpeg version of the image? For some reason ColorThink does not do as well with jpegs with embedded profiles as it does with Tiff images. As I recall it has something to do with the compression that’s used.

If you work with the Tiff version of the Getty test image it should work fine. Now I see that the profile embedded is a Colorspace profile. (TIFF RGB.icc) A pretty rare kind of profile to use, that.