Color Worksheet


I’m using often Graph in 2D or in 3D but i never used the color worksheet.
I tried to open a image or a text mesureament but i got this error message:

Need non-pro image viewing set-up
Need non-pro color list viewing set-up

do you know what’s going on?

I simply want to know how to use the color worksheet for one workflow from for example Don RVB to a printer profile.
Is it normal that if i click on the color worksheet icon nothing appens?

i tried also to drag and drop a image or a .txt file on the Colorthink icon but nothing happens.

thanks in advance!


Hi Olivier,

We have a newer, faster, more robust version of the software in our latest version: ColorThink Pro 3.0.2. You can download it here:

It is likely that this newer version will fix your problem. Your message sounds like the kind of error we would expect from running version 3.0 on a newer operating system.

Following a transform from one profile to another like you described is very common and very easy to do. Most people start with an image that they want to see, and observe as it passes through one profile to another. So you would:

  • Click and drag an image onto the Worksheet icon,
  • Use the [+] button to add DonRGB,
  • Click and drag your printer profile onto the image under the DonRGB profile.

This automatically adds the new profile to the end of the workflow and allows you to see the change. You can also click the dE button to see a “heat map” of differences between the two profiles.

Let me know if you have any more questions!