ColorCast profile specification

One of the ways to create a ColorCast profile is by “concatenating” four ICC profiles in a Color Worksheet: the Lab profile, a proofing profile (direction: Lab -> device space), a proofing profile for the second time (direction: device space -> Lab), the “host” device profile.

My questions:

  • Which profile tables of the host profile will be influenced? Just a single B2A table? Which? All B2A tables? Configurable? Also A2B tables?

  • Which of the profile tables of the proofing profile will be “incorporated” in the host profile? Configurable?

  • Is it possible to use a different rendering for the first and the second time the proofing profile is “incorporated” in the host profile? For instance: first time B2A0 (perceptual) and for the second time A2B1 (colorimetric).

  • More generally: is there a more precise specification of ColorCast profiles and ColorCast profile creation?

best regards,

Hi Erwin,

With the host (device) profile:
All of the B -> A tables are affected, this is not configurable and the A -> B tables are not affected. In other words, all tables for the printing direction ( Lab -> Device space) are changed.

With the proofing profile:
All of the B-> A tables are used, and none of the A -> B tables are used.

The user is not able to change the rendering in the setup steps of the process. They are necessarily sort of hard-wired in order to get you the accurate functioning of the ColorCast profile - especially in its role of proofing another profile. Of course, you still have the four rendering intents in the final ColorCast profile that reflect the functioning of the original.

These are good questions, and well be adding this information to the ColorWiki manual in a few days so thank-you for your interest.