I read some facts about colorcast and wonder if this technology can help me.

Right now I’m in a project where I try to model the characteristics of film to digital images. I have images of a test chart taken with a digital and a film based camera. The negatives have been scanned with a film scanner. So what I have is the reference data in XYZ and the measurement data in RGB.

I guess colorcast might be able to embed the abstact profile in some other profile. But how do I create the abstract profile? Can colorcast do that? And if yes what type of data does it expect?



ColorCast can in fact embed the effect of one profile (even an abstract profile) into another profile.

But how to create the abstract profile is always the stumper. I don’t know of a tool that can make an abstract profile out of an arbitrary set of points.

ColorThink Pro can create an abstract profile out an existing device profile. If you were able to make a device profile that models the characteristics you are looking for, then you’d be able to make an abstract profile of that with CTP.

There’s a little more info on abstract profiles here: … t_Profiles

In fact creating a device profile with the data I have is not the problem. To simulate the characteristics of a certain type of film stock this would most likely end up in a camera profile. But the trouble with camera profiles is (other profile types show other problems) that it can only perform the inverse transformation from RGB color space to XYZ values. This is due to the fact, that camera profiles contain the A2B tag, but unfortunately no information of how to convert into the camera space (it’s quite obvious, that this work flow is rarely needed).

What I would like to know now is: Does this matter change as soon as I wrap my camera profile in an abstract profile? Can ColorCast complete the abstact profile with the missing B2A tag that I need for my transformation?

In theory, it is possible for a profile to work the way you’ve described, however right now the ColorCast software cannot do it. (I don’t know of anything else that can either.) This is exactly the sort of thing we can look into doing in the future.