Coloreyes with Spyder 2 -> Red Shift

I just purchased the Coloreyes Display Pro bundled with the Colorvision Sypder2. I tried it on my MacBook and it worked just fine. Now switching to my XP Pro System, I encountered serious problems. I work on a dual CRT system (CTX EX710F and Viewsonic E70f) which are rather old CRTs but working with them has been ok so far. The Videocard is a ATI Radeon X1900 series card. So trying to profile the primary monitor results in a profile with surrealistic curves, with the monitor getting redder and redder. The secondary monitor works more or less fine, although the validation is not so great. Calibrating the r, g, bs manually helps only a little but does not solve the problem. Now if I switch the cables of the monitors, it’s again the same situation: Secondary monitor works more or less ok while I get the same shift with the primary. I have no Gamma loader installed I know of (checked the start up) so now I’m trying to find an explanation. I know I’ll have to switch the monitor system, but I had hoped that the bundle would do its job nevertheless!

Windows OS’s don’t accept separate profiles for two monitors nearly as easily as Macs do. It sounds like your secondary monitor is using the profile of the first.

There is a workaround. Microsoft makes a “Color Control Applet” which does a lot of things including allowing you to specify separate profiles for dual monitors.