Does anyone use colorgate as their RIP system? If so how do you like it. Any drawbacks to the system. Is it like Onyx or Caldera? Better worse?

I have been using ColorGate for about 5 months now. I drive an Inca Spyder 320 and two Epson GS6000s with the rip. IMHO, I think it is much better than Onyx and not quite as good as Caldera. I purchased the rip through Sericol when I bought the spyder so I can get rip support through Sericol. Bug reports however have to go through the ColorGate support site in Germany and it can get a little frustrating.

As I see it, color management is much better and much simpler than it is on Onyx as is the print process. I have some minor issues with tiling in ColorGate. Mainly, all print files have to be rotated properly prior to tiling and I can not center tiles within the print area. Overall I like the RIP but I still feel I would have gone with Caldera had it been an option.

Thanks Robert. That helped. The problem I have with caldera is we do a lot of color moves on the fly. Many of our clients are very critical of color and 1 percent moves are common. But when a move is made on caldera you can’t see the move until it’s printed. On onyx you can see the move on screen. Does colorgate have that option? Is it easy to manage curve and color replacement or does the files usually go back to photoshop?