Colorport Lab data missing in version 3.03

I have Colorthink Pro 3.03 on my work laptop (Windows 10), but the worksheets will not display Colorport Lab files like on my other laptop. (which has Windows 7, Colorthink Pro 3)
Has something changed with version 3.03 or is my install bad?
Is this a Windows 10 issue?

The files you were using contain rows of Lab values only. There was a time when ColorThink Pro would accept those kinds of files natively.

There were changes to the Worksheet in the intervening updates. Sometimes in order to make newer file types readable in ColorThink, we have to narrow what it will accept. Apparently the straight Lab data files were among those affected.

Making your files work in CTP 3.0.3 is very easy though. You just have to add a few lines of header and an END_DATA line at the end. We give an example here: … Color_List

It should be a simple matter of “copy and paste” to add these lines to any Lab data you have. Then it will import into ColorThink with no problems.