ColorShop X

Looking for any documentation or advice on ColorShop X’s Device Link

What I am not understanding is the option Profiles. How and When does
ColorShop use these.


I have three links built from three different programs but using the same two Profiles. It looks like things change in the links. I can look at them and the source is the same but then the output values are different for each of the three links. This really reflects in the neutral colors on a Epson proof. I used the three links made three different proofs plus one proof using the two profiles. The three proofs from the links were all color cast but the proof made from the profiles still has neutral greys.

Just started looking at links and how they function. None of the programs support clean blacks that I have access to so would have thought they would just combine the profiles but other changes are being made. I only have access to ColorShop so the other two links were made for me but was told there was no custom black settings. Color Shop does have the options to add profiles to the two but didn’t use this

Thoughts anyone.