ColorShuttle 3.0 beta12 available + Webinar Feb 12, 2009


We are happy to say that ColorShuttle is now in “public” beta testing.


ColorShuttle, Maxwell’s new client application, bridges the gap between the browser and your computer. We’re excited about all the things we can do within a web browser but a browser can’t drive an i1 to take measurements or continually monitor your system for updated profiles or new arrivals in a hot folder (at least not without plug-ins, etc). ColorShuttle 3.0 directly supports the i1 and iSis hardware and uploads measurements right into Maxwell Tracks for immediate use anywhere in the world. It also creates and monitors hot folders so you can measure color using practically any hardware and software that can save measurements into a file format Maxwell can understand (which is continually expanding).

DisplayWatch is a service provided by ColorShuttle and Maxwell where any system’s display can be continuously monitored for calibration updates and calibration / profiling data is uploaded into Maxwell for tracking and notification alerts. DisplayWatch will be available for beta testing at the same time ColorShuttle is released.

What does ColorShuttle 3.0 NOT do? It doesn’t yet do real-time proof verification (immediate pass/fail feedback). That feature and many others will arrive in steady progression. We wanted to get the current capabilities into Maxwell users (and evaluator’s) hands ASAP. Don’t forget, Maxwell and ColorShuttle are currently in use around the world by companies ranging from Fortune 500 size down to smaller service providers.

As a reminder, a Track is any item (printer, paper, monitor, etc.) whose activity you want to monitor. Also, Notifiers within Maxwell alert you when the item associated with the Track falls outside of tolerances or fails to meet certain requirements.

Accessing the Beta

If you are eager to join the beta group, please email us directly at maxwellbetatester(at)

We’ll add you to the beta list and email you the link to download the most recent beta version.

In the beta download there’s a “ReadMe” file that explains the state of the current release and a “Testing Instructions” file that summarizes the things you can do and the testing tasks that will be helpful to us.


Also. We will be presenting a Webex session to cover ColorShuttle’s configuration and also show Maxwell 1.1’s new Timeline feature.

Thursday Feb 12 @ 11:00 am PST

Email us at maxwellbetatester(at) for full Webex connection information

Please let us know how it goes and thanks for trying out ColorShuttle.