ColorThink 2 and Catalina

When Mac went to Catalina (Mac OS 10.15) we found that the software code that ColorThink 2 was based on was just too old to be able to feasibly update it for Catalina. So it looks like we are not going to go in that direction. The current plan is to have a brand new ColorThink 4 with a couple of different feature sets: One that includes all the new features (aka a “Pro” version), and another version that has more basic features (akin to how people see CT2 now).

We were aiming to have that ready by the end of this year. With the pandemic our timetable has been pushed back, and so look for it in 2021.

Have you already upgraded to Catalina?

  • One option is to run ColorThink 2 in an emulation app (like Parallels, or VMware) where you can emulate an earlier operating system.

  • Another option is to upgrade to ColorThink Pro which works well with Catalina and we are committed to supporting for a long time to come.