Colorthink 3D grapher vs MacOSX ColorSync Utility 3D grapher

Doing the same comparison of colorspaces in Colorthink and in Apples’ ColorSync Utility I got different results and was wondering which one was the more accurate. The two colorspaces being compared are Adobe1998 RGB and SWOP2006_Coated3v2. Colorthink 3D grapher encloses almost the entire SWOP space within the Adobe space while the ColorSync Utility has a good portion of the SWOP space graphed outside of the Adobe space especially on the lower darker colors. It seems to me that Colorthink has it right but was wondering why ColorSync Utility has a different graph of the spaces. :confused:

Thanks for your question. I bet a lot of other people have noticed the same thing. And it makes a difference doesn’t it?! If you want to know whether an AdobeRGB monitor will show you all the colors of SWOP3, not only do you need to compare these gamuts in 3D, but you need to know which 3D viewer you can trust. … yths_26-28

Above is an old newsletter article where Steve explains why ColorThink is different than the ColorSync grapher. This explains a lot of this. I don’t know why the ColorSync utility has it the way it does, unless it’s because a “taller” gamut looks more asthetically pleasing? The ColorSync Utility has not changed this function in a long, long time. I doubt it’s very high on Apple’s list.

I find it confirmation to see that now i1Profiler has a gamut viewer that is 255 wide by 100 high:

Thank you Patrick for the link but I’m still puzzled about something. It’s not so much the shape of the graph as it is how when comparing two spaces in one grapher or the other the comparative sizes are relatively different. And in this example Colorsync, regardless of how their grapher is designed, places more color outside of AdobeRGB than let’s say Colorthink. But if I am understanding Steve’s article, this may be as a result of what data is being tapped into within the profile to create the graph and or what intent is being displayed in the graph. Details are everything once again :slight_smile:

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Could you post images of both graphers as you see them?

I suspect I know what the difference is but without knowing exactly what you are seeing it’s tough to tell.




This is a screen grab of ColorSync Utility graphing a comparison between Adobe1998 and SWOP. If I am seeing it correctly, colors seem to extend outside of Adobe at the low end. This does not appear to be the case in Colorthink.

Ummmm. How do I post an image here?

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If you’re really interested, you could check out the latest Tips and Tricks video:

I go through how you can use ColorThink Pro to show you a device gamut as well as the proofing gamut.