ColorThink Beta 2.2b17 - Profile Maps (yes... CMYK) :)

Something odd showing up here … I realize complete CMYK support still not been fully implemented in ColorThink.
FWIW I noticed a drastic difference in the way the beta handles this data vs the way the v2.1.2 handles it.

This first image is projecting 2images that have been converted into the CMYK gamut shown in the 3d map. This is the shipping version of ColorThink (2.1.2). I have included the gamut of the CMYK device. As expected, all data points of the image fit in the CMYK gamut. … VOIjhn4sB8

Now, check this out as it is shown in Beta 17…
This is the same set of images and gamut mapping as in the v2.1.2 but instead of everything fitting inside the gamut, there are data points OUTSIDE the CMYK device profile they were converted to. … MoVwJMCuE0

I have the two image files along with the CMYK device profile if it would help…
Capture Device: Canon 20D RAW file.
Adobe Camera Raw 3.2 to ProPhoto 16bit
Photoshop CS2
Converted one image to Lab* then to the CMYK - convert to 8 bit

Then I did this again and
Converted the image to BestRGB then to CMYK - convert to 8 bit

I mapped both gamuts in ColorThink and also mapped the CMYK device.

I’m just doing some testing/practicing on working in Lab* color space.