ColorThink crasches all the time when in 3D with Windows XP

I have been trying to use ColorThink and the Pro version for a long time (years) on Windows XP platforms, everytime there has been an update I have been hoping it would be solved but no such luck. I have tried the software on numerous machines without success so I actually gave up using it(what a waste of money). But now I am determined to find out why it does not work for me. I have tried use it on several laptops as well. All this machines have been using Windows XP and swedish language version. Years back I had problems with other software and the cause was the language version and I wonder if this can be the case for ColorThink as well. Two days ago I was playing with a laptop that is using Windows 2000 SP3 (swedish version) and of curiosity I installed the ColorThink Pro. To my suprise… it worked!!! No crasches in 3D and everything is just fine. So I borrowed a harddrive for my laptop and the Windows 2000 CD and installed it on my machine to see if this will work on my machine as well. It DID!!! The first thing I was thinking of when I first had the problems was the prestanda of the machines and I tried many powerfull or less powerfull systems without any luck. So it is not the prestanda that causes the problem. The program is said to support Windows XP so I had no thought of trying in other OS. But now I can see that it does not work under XP only on Windows 2000 and that on using the same machine. As I use Windows XP and it tells you that it supports XP versions then it should work right?? Has anyone else seen this problem? I need a fix for this as I dont use Windows 2000. I can repeat the problem any time I want using XP and on the same machine using Win 2000 it works as it should. How do we fix this? Using Win2000 is no solution for me. I can fix screendumps of how it looks like when opening the 3D in XP before it crasch, as soon as you start to move the profileimage around in the 3D window the problems starts.


Hi Soren,

This sounds like your video driver might need to be updated. You should check to see that your video card(s) have all the latest drivers. And then even if they do have the latest drivers, you should still download and install them again. Any time we see a 2D or 3D graphing problem, it is almost always solved by updating the graphics card driver.

These things have a way of losing information when other software is installed.

About the drivers is the most common answer from supports. With todays computers and fast speed internet I think there is much less of this then before.

Anyway I did a new fresh install with XP and suprised I was when ColorThink did not crash, now I am little more happy.

But trying the beta version 10 is not a HIT, it does not work. It starts ok but when trying to open a profile… nothing happens… so I am back to the first version as this one works. By the way when will the “Chroma rings” work for the PC? and why does CMYK show RGB values in the curves when you open up RGB profiles? I have TAC that is over 750!!! for an profile from Epson 9800