ColorThink Pro and non-English number format in Windows

Hi everybody.
I’m an Italian user of ColorThink Pro just from a couple of months.
As I had been having some problems (see below) especially when I was working on large color lists as those you can get extracting unique colors from images, I was about to post to the forum looking for help, when I managed to focuse that numbers in the list were in the “European” format” (“.” Period for grouping integers; “,” comma as decimal digits separator – just the opposite of the English notation…) according to the default settings of the Italian version of Windows XP running on my pc.
Therefore I remembered that more than once I had spent already several days stuggling with the apparently crazy behavior of some English-only program releases, where calculations played a major role, until I ended up to realize it was just a matter of number formats.
No need to say that changing the format to the English one led to an happy end…
This is a list of some troubles that I had encountered – or at least I was aware of, so it isn’t probably exhaustive - before the “discovery of the century”: :laughing:

  • a baffling, general lack of stability .
  • a series of problems that concerned the Delta-E values column sorting: ColorThink was able to complete the task only working on very short lists (I mean no more than a few hundred patches) while on the longer ones it would “froze”. BTW, the sorting on the short lists, even if apparently completed, was wrong – I guess the program was able to recognize only the integer part of the numbers, ignoring the decimal digits after the comma separator.
  • The “collateral effects” seemed to extend to reliability of the Delta-E values display in “Image” section and of the gamut shifting representation by vectors in the Grapher as well……
    I apologize to have “discovered the warm water”, as we say in Italy, if this issue had been highlited already (and I apologize for my not-exactly-oxfordian English too…) but the search in the forum I did before posting didn’t found any result about.
    Hoping my post may be helpful, expecially for non-English users, best regards.


Hi Stefano,

How delightful to read your post! Welcome to the ColorThink forum and feel free to ask your questions. Your English is actually very good, and your comments as you say may help other Europeans with the same issue.

Your list of troubles sounds somewhat familiar to me. It reads like the list of issues we have fixed with our beta versions over time. So if you have just started using ColorThink Pro, my guess is that you are still on the original 3.0 version. Since the original release we have fixed bugs, improved speed and stability, and made upgrades for new operating systems - and rolled these into betas of our next version. So if you are not using the latest beta version of CTP (Version 3.0.1 beta22), we highly recommend that everyone do so. Even for people who are hesitant to try a software that is listed as “beta” - this really is a faster and more stable product than the original, and that’s why we make it publicly available. It is downloadable here: