Colorthink Pro Beta 8 Windows - Bugs still not fixed

I reported about 60 bugs a year or so ago when Colorthink Pro was first released. In checking beta 8, the first half dozen bugs (which produce wrong results, not just lockups or error n01) still haven’t been fixed. I haven’t bothered to check beyond that. These bugs appeared on two different systems that I checked, both with Win XP SP2, but different hardware, so it isn’t something that is confined to one system.

Isn’t there any interest in having correct data/colors show up? Is this too much to ask for the pro version of the product?



No response? Is anyone from Chromix even reading these forums?


Sorry for the delay in my response, I was out of the country…

At 7:54 PM -0800 12/9/06, John Hollenberg wrote:

no it’s not.

Bugs have been fixed in each beta version we’ve released so far. I am sorry that they have not covered the ones you are experiencing. The good news is that the worksheet (drawing and calculation updating) is something we’re working on right now so you will see changes in the next release (which should occur before the end of the year).



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