ColorThink Pro for Windows

Hello, I would like to buy CTP. Last week I installed the demo version of ColorThink Pro 3.0.9 b3 on Windows 10. 3D Graper spun like a frightened horse. Is there a 64 bit version for Windows? Will current versions be compatible with IccMAX (v5)? Thank you so much for the information.

Thanks for trying ColorThink Pro

We discovered some issues with v3.0.9 b3 and so we’ve reverted the download to version 3.0.5. It should run fine on Windows 10 or 11

ColorThink Pro 3.x is 32 bit and will remain so.

ColorThink Pro 4 (which we’re working on now) will be 64bit and also support opening and viewing of v5 profiles (the data structures) but we’re not certain about other levels of support for v5 profiles at this time (like graphing, etc). We don’t have a firm ship date yet but we’re aiming for early 2022

Thank You Mr. Steve Upton for the information. ColorThink Pro 4 sounds very interesting and I’d like to wait for it. Are there any options if I would like to purchase your product as early as November 2021? I do not know your sales policy and rules during the upgrade.
(For example, I purchased Ergosoft RIP version 14 two months before the release of version 15. Customers who purchased older versions during the six months before the upgrade were released had a free upgrade).
Or, if I bought ColorThink 2 in November, will be the same conditions for upgraded to ColorThink Pro v4 as it is now on CTP v3 ($ 249)? Thank You