ColorThink version 3.0.3 released

CHROMiX has released version 3.0.3 of ColorThink Pro. This is a good, stable, non-beta release of the software which is a free upgrade for all registered users of ColorThink Pro.

This version also can serve as a demo version for those who would like to see the features of ColorThink Pro before buying. (There is no need to download a separate “demo” version.) Version 3.0.3 offers a demo mode upon launch without a username and password.

Since the release of the original 3.0 version of ColorThink Pro, great advances in software design and development have become available, and we have rolled these into this new release, making today’s ColorThink faster and more stable than ever. Upgrades to the software include adjustments for the latest operating systems, streamlined software code, support of new profiling tools (i1Profiler), and an updated color management module.

(9/26/11 - added download link)

Pat, is there some magic needed to get it. Here’s what I get when I try:

You mean… nothing? That’s what I get too, at least from the update check within the app.

Best to simply go to the Chromix site and just download from there.

Just noticed that some clarification for the new v3.0.3 ColorThink Pro download is needed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Use this link:


Rick Hatmaker

Hi Pat,
can you post a link please?

I could not easily find the download section at


Dan Wilson