ColorThink wishlist

Open Recent Items (last X based on preference or hardwire)
Fix bug when trying to view i1Profiler profile Tag Table (locks up).
Select rows in worksheet, context menu to save to txt (Save selected List… menu).
Make ColorSheet window size sticky.
Format control over dE report!
Find in color list (go to or find patch 1535)
Fix bug whereby Plot Window disappears when moving to and from another open application (only way to bring back is select ‘About ColorThink Pro’)

Thanks Andrew,
This is a nice collection of annoying bugs and suggestions for new features. Just right. I’ll be getting these into our internal database and we will deal with these.

Here’s another issue I find all the time. I want to build a dE report, I have something super simple like two image documents with just a single pixel value. I drag one, then the other into the worksheet, all is fine. I create a color list from both, so far so good. I click on the dE button, all hell breaks lose I get goofy errors.

The only way to get this to work is save each Colorlist as a txt file, then drag them into a worksheet, then the dE calculation and report is built as I desire.

So I’d love to see the product do all this in one operation, without the need to save out the txt files.

Drag the two image files into CT, maybe build a Colorlist if I must, the click on dE button and I get the values and report.

ColorThink at 2.0.3 is getting a bit long in the tooth, so bringing it into the world of Mac OS X 10.10 would be good.

Also, allowing it to handle ICC v4 profiles will save many hassles, including its inability to edit internal profile names.

I find that “Open with…” from the Finder will open ColorThink, but ColorThink won’t open the file - I then have to manually do it.

But I’m looking forward to other new features, to.

We have a bug fix release for ColorThink 2 that should fix these pesky issues.
Version 2.3.1 is the latest version for Mac, and version 2.3.2 is the version for Windows.

Any progress to report since last September?