ColorValet Client questions


I work for the U.S. Army in Germany and registered and paid for your services to have a profile made for my Epson 2200 printer. However, I can not figure out how to obtain the target to print. I wrote a message early this morning German time to the help email address but have not received a reply. I am anxious to print the target in order I can mail it which will take several days for you to receive. Would you please check my account and inform me what is wrong or provide instructions to me how to proceed, please. Also, when I make the test print, besides turning off color management, are there any other special settings I should set to assure optimum printing for the test target? I use Windows XP and Photoshop CS3 if that makes any difference. Your prompt attention in this matter will be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

Lowell Franga

Your registration in the ColorValet Client went through just fine.

The target gets printed when you click the “Print RGB Target” button in section “3. Target(s).” Clicking that will open up the usual printer driver, and you would use the same settings that you normally use to print your work (same dpi, media type, etc.) - except that you make sure to turn off color management, as you mentioned.

If you don’t see that link, it’s probably because the “Printer Setup Complete” button was not clicked in the previous step. See screenshot:
Go back and click that at the end of step 2, and then go forward to step 3 and you should now be able to see the four buttons that allow you to print or save RGB or CMYK targets.

The whole idea when making the target is that we want to be able to capture what your printer is doing - and then we make a profile that reflects that. So you want the printer to be in good shape, no nozzles clogged for example, and you want to go through your regular workflow. For instance if you normally run at a lower dpi or if you choose high speed printing, then print the target the same way.