ColorValet & Color Space?

What color space are the ColorValet profiles for? sRGB? AdobeRGB?


ColorValet profiles (like all ICC printer profiles) are compatible with all color spaces. They are not “tuned” to a specific color space (if that is what you’re asking.) It is also true to say that all profiles are independent of each other.

Maybe I can take some time to explain things a bit. When you are working in Photoshop in a working space (like AdobeRGB for example), and you go to print, your color information is transferred to the printer via a Profile Connection Space. The A to B direction of the Adobe profile gets the color out of the original image and into the PCS. Then the B to A direction of the printer profile tells how to take the color out of the PCS and translates it into the color the printer should use. This is obviously a simplification of the process, but that gives you a picture of what’s happening. The Profile Connection Space provides a sort of “neutral ground” where all the devices can talk the same language.

Thanks, Patrick. The reason I asked is that the information that Canon provides for its ICC profiles is that their profiles are designed to “allow accurate rendering of image data recorded in Adobe RGB color space.”