Colour Lists in Worksheet

I just brought an image which has been downsized to 500 pixels on the longest edge into the worksheet and it displays fine with the AdobeRGB profile above. I extracted unique colours and get a list. I then brought a printer profile into the worksheet. The image appears again under the printer profile,as I would expect. But, I do not get a list of the transformed unique colours under that section and the “Extract Unique Colours” selection in the drop down menu is greyed out. Also, when I select Delta-e I get no list. But, it does appear to display the out of gamma colours properly. Any idea as to why I can get lists when I enter working spaces but only for the working space when it is followed by a printer profile?

There are two ways to do this:

1] In my example, I was making the color list by choosing the grid tool. You can make a grid of any size and shape, and this will populate the colors area with sampled points that can be further transformed.


2] After extracting unique colours, you would choose the option “Use as primary data source.” This will convert the image into a list of colors, and allow you to do further transformation like what you’re wanting.

The explanation for why it has to be this way is rather complicated. But suffice it to say that if you’re wanting to work with images as images in the Worksheet (like for soft-proofing) you treat them one way. If your purpose has more to do with making color lists that you can use for comparisons, then it’s best to convert the image into a color list - and make that your primary data source.

Thanks very much, Pat. By the way, I don’t know why my question posted twice in the previous thread. I certainly hadn’t intended it to do so. My bad. But, since it had, I figured it should be a new thread.

Anyway, regarding the lists, I don’t know why I never saw this before. So, I wanted to be sure that my ColorThink is working properly. I appreciate the help