Colour Think vs Profile maker dot gain

Hello all, has anyone got any thoughts on this.
I ran a TC 3.5 profile swatch on a litho press. When evaluating the resulting dot gain in Gretag Measure tool it showed a low gain in the highlight on the yellow and Black unit. Now, if you view the same profile in Colour Think curves/ Dot gain you see the low dot gain in the shadows. The resulting curves in Colour Think are an almost exact mirror of those in Measure tool, as if something buggy is in one of the apps. If you take a dot gain reading manually with a Grtag Densieye the dot gains are simular to the colour think curves. Any Ideas ?

It looks like we answered a similar question over on the ColorThink forum a little while ago.

For one thing, ColorThink and MeasureTool use different methods of calculating dot gain. Notice that you are looking at measurement information in MeasureTool, and you need to have the actual profile in ColorThink in order to extrapolate dot gain curves. But I don’t think this is your issue at all, anyway.

The Curves tab in ColorThink Pro was probably showing the accurate dot gain information, if you noticed the labeling of the axes on the bottom. Up to beta version 16 or 17, the graph runs from an input of 100% on the left to 0% on the right. The MeasureTool graph showing dot gain is setup to show 100 on the right and 0 on the left. My guess is that’s why you were seeing this data mirrored.

As of beta 18, the dot gain graph is now reversed in order to line up with what people expect to see in other applications like MeasureTool. The neutral rendering graph remains the same. There’s been some internal discussion about which way seems best, or if this adds confusion, or is more intuitive - so by all means, give us your feedback on what you think of the change. That’s what betas are for. (And that’s what forums are for!)

Thanks Pat, I was running 3.0.1b6. Updatinging to the latest version fixed it.