Corel Draw 12 RGB printer profiles

Hi, I would like to ask for correct workflow using corel draw 12 to print a target chart and to use the generated profile.

So far I understand that I need to select

Tools -> Color management

Select Microsoft ICM as my CMM engine.
Then select adobe RGB1998 as my workspace profile.
Then I need to select rendering intent for my workspace.

I also need to select my monitor and printer profiles on the appropriate tabs.

For target printing the next step would be to turn off printer driver level color management and print a test target. But here it gets tricky, the printer tab in colrel draw 12 does not allow me turn off printer profile but keep printer level color management on. It also does not allow to select LAB profile. And selecting “Generic CMYK printer profile” is a mistake since the printer is not CMYK. So what it the correct way?