Creating an Indigo press output profile/Device link

Hi all,

After being in the G7 world for a year I am having a problem understanding a few things concerning our offset and indigo printing as far as the way they are ripped with the same ICC Profile but govern different results. I have spoken with one color consultant that was very helpful with part of this problem. My next part is to create a new press output profile along with a device link to keep my primary colors from getting contaminated. I have noticed that when using GRACoL as my CMYK Input profile that it will change grayscale images to 4 color on our digital presses. Guessing that the Device Link will help cure this.

Here is what I am working with:

  1. HP Indigo 7600 and 7000 with their HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server.
  2. i1Profiler with a full license.
  3. Apogee 9.1 that we use to drop the file directly into an HP Hotfolder.

After a few tutorials on making a Device Link I have had no luck on getting it to work. I had it going from GRACoL to GRACoL with the Color Purity set to Preserve for the primary colors. I put that as my CMYK Input on the digital rip but it failed - no string value.

So Im at a loss right now and have tried to research as much as I could on it. Any direction would be helpful.