Creating curves for a DI UV press???

The solid ink densities that we have to run on this press in order to get the LAB* in line are too high for the DI machines. They don’t like to run high ink film, we run in to toning problems which is a common problem for a DI. Can I drop the ink film evenly for all colours and not worry about hitting LAB targets, then create curves from there? Would the only con for this be a lower colour gamut?

Hi, Tom.

I realize this is an older post but I wanted to see how it turned out.

You suggest that you are attempting to hit a specific Lab* value for your solids? What values are you trying to reach? What are the resulting SID values?

Take a look at the G7 method of achieving neutral print density… this method will generate calibration curves for your press across a range of solid ink density targets.