CRT Question, Help with CRT Calibration, and BNC connection?

Hi everyone,

I do a lot of photography and graphic design work on photoshop, but am primarily looking to upgrade my monitor for gaming. I’ve been looking at the remaining CRT options still being manufactured, and it looks like a Viewsonic g225fb is my best choice. Would you all happen to know of any other company that still makes new High-end monitors? It looks to me like all of the big names have phased them out (sad, really).

As far as calibration, I’m a lot less interested in color calibration, and a lot more interested in geometric calibration, but I’m having trouble finding a program on this site or elseware that seems to be made for fixing things like geometry, sharpness, contrast, brightness, so that they’re at their optimum. The best I could find is here: … but the website is so poorly done and so old that I question the quality of their product.

…and about BNC connectors… These have been a source of confusion for me. I do understand that it is an analog technology, and that splitting up the red, green, and blue signals help to keep them pure, but my video card only has DVI outs, so I can’t just buy an analog cable. I want to have the best signal quality possible, and I don’t know if it’s better to get this monster cableand use a DVI adapter, or buy this no name cableand assume that it will be shielded well enough :confused:

Thank you!!!