Cs4 opened images do not match Lightroom 2.

Am I the only one that this happened too? I open an image from Lightroom into CS4 or CS3. It looks flater and darker when opened in photoshop compared to Lightroom. I hava CG19 moniotr with a Mac Pro. The people at Adobe can not figure out what happened and think that it might be Eizo CG19 monitor. Well, I opened images from Bridge and did not have this issue.
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When you exported the image from LR to CS4, what color space is it exporting with? LR is a RAW editor, so there is no profile attached in LR yet. It is being previewed with a color space varient of ProPhotoRGB called MellisaRGB. Low and Medium quality previews use AdobeRGB. When you export to PS, a profile is assigned to the RGB file based on the setting in your preferences. I would make sure that ProPhotoRGB is selected. Also, in PS make sure your Color Settings are set to preserve the profile of the image your are opening. That way it should look the same.

Haha, that’s funny that Adobe think’s it’s your display. Does it magically change it’s behavior based on the application it runs.

Maybe you should turn off “compensate scene reffered profile” in PS 4 Color setting?

im also have the same problem like yours, but with raw developer not in lightroom. But maybe the concept can be the same. When i calibrated my monitor using Eizo color navigator, the color navigator produce matrix based profile and (in my case) this matrix based profile didn’t work properly and sometimes the it has strange behavior on some of my raw converter like Raw developer and Lightzone. The shadow detail was blocked in Raw developer, but fine when i open in photohosop. After spending lot of time tried to solve my problem, finally i decide to Recalibrate my monitor, but this time using Color Eyes Display pro and if i remember it generate Lut based profile. Since that i never have the problem anymore.

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Since you are viewing things on an Eizo monitor, this FAQ from Eizo might pertain to your issue.

I have lightroom 2 now. I downloaded the latest Eizo version and I did Pat’s suggestion with CS4 and I still see a difference. In photoshop, I get a warmer cast and the blacks have a little more detail. I have used prophoto, adobe, srgb and all do the same thing. If anyone wants to see a screen capture, e-mail me at: Now do not get me started with that internet service provider either. It reminded me of adobe pointing fingers. My outgoing e-mail does not work trhough their server and cox blames apple. Apple blames them, so here you have it. I want to play not fuss with this. I am telling you in case you get an e-mail that comes from rick instead.(’:roll:’)
Thank you guys for looking at this issue.

I have also been puzzled by a significant difference when viewing an image in Lightroom2 vs viewing the same in Photoshop CS4. Again, Bridge does not show this variance.

I am on a Vaio laptop, (running XP Pro), so this pecularity is not likely to be monitor-related.

I did not contact Adobe, though it is a critical topic to be addressed.
Glad it has been mentioned.