CSError: -4217 with CT 2.2

Just updated from 2.1.2 to 2.2 and I get this error (twice) every time when I try and load any profile into the App. Any thoughts? My platform is Mac OSX 10.4.4


Sorry but I am just adding a ‘me too’ to your post.
I have just started to get this error with a new install of 10.3.9. with CT2.2
The 3D gamut view still plots but the gamut surface is now being coloured completely Black.


Interesting since one explaination I got from Steve (via email) was that it is a Colorsync error and that my colorsync config might have been changed by some application (not colorthink) and it was causing the error. But you’re getting it on a new install? hmmm. But just so you know I still have no solution to this error except to run CT 2.1.2 and hope it doesn’t crash which it does every now and then :frowning:

At 9:47 PM -0800 3/14/06, Peter wrote:

really? 10.3.9? … interesting. Reports so far had indicated that it might be 10.4.5 that caused the change.

I’m on it’s trail.

The bug is described in the ColorSync reference as:

“Gamut checking not supported by this color world”

which is an odd one. At first I thought that 10.4.5 was being picky about certain profiles but then we found it was many profiles on the affected systems and now I see it isn’t even 10.4.5. So… still looking. It’s definitely a red herring error.



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Hi steve
Any progess with this error?

For what it is worth the above error is not occuring when I use colorthink 2.1.2. Only with colorthink 2.2
OS is 10.3.9

Peter M


some additions:

The error occurs here with 10.3.9 on a G5 and on 10.4.6 on a MacBook pro.

The Error message appears either when opening the 3D Graph or under Tag Tables -> clicking on wtpt. after clicking ok in the Errormessage, the white Box is shown in black, as well as the XYZ, LAB, … Values seems to be correct.

Openning the 3D viewer the Message appears twice, means I have to klick two times ok to get rid of the message.

The error doesn’t occurs with Colorthink 2.1.2 on both machines, whereas the MacBook Pro quits Colorthink with the Message:
“An exception of class NilObjectException was not handeld.
The application must shut down.”

This error seems to be still unsolved. It’s very annoying because I just can not use my ColorThink which I use often to visually demonstrate the various effects of different rendering intents. So for now it is almost wasted money for me untill it gets fixed soon.
The error occurs only on my Intel-based Macs (10.4.7). It is OK on my G4 1.25 Dual MDD (10.4.7). So MacOS 10.4.7 itself seems no problem. I really urge Chromix to fix it as soon as possible. And when you make it work, please let me know.

We are working on this error and have been for some time. A main difficulty is getting to see it when it happens. (It is hard to duplicate it in-house.)

I want to thank you for bringing this up, because one thing that would really move this forward is if we could get a volunteer to duplicate this bug for us so we can see it in action. We would need you to have a public IP address - not be behind a router or anything - so we can have you run a small debugging utility and allow us to “watch” remotely while the 4217 error comes up. Any volunteers?

Contact me via email or 1-866-247-6649 Ext. 6

Follow-up: my IP is permanent and I could set up a server from my

Fernand Ivaldi

Le 31 juil. 06 23:28, Patrick Herold a crit :

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We are pleased to announce that we have a fix for the “4217” error.

We have posted a new beta for ColorThink 2 on the downloads area of our website.

Here is a link to download the new version (ColorThink 2.2.1b2):<

This corrects a problem with how Colorsync interacts with ColorThink, so this new version is only applicable (and available) for Mac users. There is no “4217” error on Windows platforms.

Was this version ever released from beta?

That’s a good question. The most recent version is beta 5 and from what we can see it works great. No problems. We were interested in whether we would see any problems with Snow Leopard, but it even runs fine there.

Thanks for the nudge. Look for us to release this from beta in the next few weeks.