CSerror: -43

It’s been a while since I have needed to use Colorthink.
Mac Book Pro Core 2 Duo 2.33, 10.6.2
Colorthink 2.2.1 beta 5
Will not display profile projections in color. If you select single color, it will give a grey projection, no matter what color you chose. True color just give s black screen.

I have not heard of this before. Snow Leopard will give a color to the gamut projection on the base of the 3D grapher that is the same color as the “single color” that you choose, and will give a multicolor projection outline when you choose “true color”. I’ve never heard of this not working.
I assume this happens with any profile you try?

When does the “CSerror: -43” show up?

It would be great if you could send us a screen shot of what you’re describing, and any pertinent hardware information. If you go to Web > Feature Requests / Bug Reports, this will give you an email so you can send it to us.

What is the email address for that.
[CCTfeature - at - chromix.com]

Ah, well then send the email to me…
You can just click the [email] button at the bottom of this window.

For those following this thread…
The original poster contacted me off list, and found that his system had loaded the wrong monitor profile. Once he put the correct monitor profile in there, the problem went away.

I am running ColorThink 2.2.1b2 under OS X 10.5.6. The error message is as follows: Warning: File not tagged as ‘prof’ in Finder. Here is the Header Fields Window:

If that isn’t showing up I’ll e-mail it directly to you.

Since you’re running 2.2.1b2 - you should go ahead and update to the latest beta version which is 2.2.1b5. This has a few adjustments that will help it to work better under newer operating systems like you have.

As for the File not tagged as ‘prof’ message: This is a common warning that ColorThink will bring up when you run the Profile Medic. It is not a serious problem, and might only affect older Mac systems. More info here: