CT 3.0.1b13 error in 3D gamut rendering

Hello all,
I just migrated all my software to brand my brand new MacBook Pro 2.2 Ghz (NVidia 8600M GT graphics), including ColorThink Pro 3.0.1b13. Now there is always one plane of the 3D gamut-body missing - just dots …

See screenshot:


Hi Ulf,

This looks like an OpenGL error. What it means is that your graphics card driver is not functioning correctly. If you have not downloaded the latest updates for your Mac, then doing that might solve your problems right away. Apple is usually pretty good about fixing these kinds of things quickly. If the latest graphics updates don’t fix this problem, then you should let Apple know. ColorThink uses graphics differently than a lot of other applications, so you might see this sort of thing with your other graphics apps or you might not.

Just an update:
still the same problem with 3.0b15 and all OS updates released until today.