Ct 3pro error : "need non-pro image viewing setup"

when i try to open image …

what can i do?

At 3:15 PM -0700 8/11/09, genny wrote:

that’s an odd error indeed.

Can you submit the image file using the “Feedback…” option?

I think there’s something odd going on there and I’d like to see if we can reproduce it on our end



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This message shows up only on the demo version of the software. It has never been seen on the full (paid) version. So depending on the version of ColorThink you’re demoing, you might get a message like this if you’re trying to use a different image than the one that is included for the demo version.

Or it might be related to a similar message that indicates basically that it can’t find the default monitor profile, so it’s going to substitute the sRGB profile for all the viewed colors in the app. I’m not sure.