Curve 2 and EasyTrax scanner

Is it possible to import measurements from an EasyTrax scanner into Curve2 to make curve adjustments?


Or a Techkon Spectrodrive scanner?

Curve2 and Curve3 can accept P2P measurements from any spectrophotometer that can export measurement data in the CGATS format. Just about every instrument out there has an export format that is compatible with this. This is usually in the form of a .txt file that contains some header information, followed by a large body of the data. In order to take advantage of the density calculations in Curve, the measurement data needs to include spectral information (not merely Lab values). But the basic G7 functions can still be done using data that just includes CMYK and Lab.

Feel free to send CHROMiX any sample files you have from an EasyTrax or a Spectrodrive. We’ll check them out and let you know.