Curve 2 for Nexus RIP

Does Curve 2 output a curve file type that is friendly with Esko’s Nexus RIP? I can’t seem to get anything that will import the curve values into Nexus or Symphony Calibrator. Help?

I believe your Nexus RIP can handle PressSync curves, is that right? We are just days away from releasing a new version of Curve that will output data via the Esko letter/number designations.

I’ll report back here when that is ready.

We’re not using press sync, but I believe it can use the Press Sync letter/number as inputs for curves. Will the new version just be a software update, or a paid upgrade?


Any word on Curve 2 being able to report curves in Press Sync designations?

I apologize for overlooking this post.
This feature is already in the latest beta version (Curve 2.1b5).

You just need to click the drop down box under the control points table (the drop down box probably says 10% if you have not changed it), and choose “PressSync Curves”.

Ok, one last question. I’m running V 2.0.3. When I press update in the software, it says I’m up to date. The Chromix website seems to only allow me to download 2.0.3. Is the beta version available to the public? If so, how do I get it.


Version 2.0.3 is the latest non-beta version.

Unfortunately we cannot open up the betas to the public at large via a link in these forums, but I will email you the link to download the latest beta for yourself.

Also anyone who is interested can shoot me an email and I will do the same.