Curve 2 / Harmony and weird press run

Is anyone using Harmony for their dot gain curves?

If so, what are you entering in for the Current and Target curve data?

Harmony uses the Current curve data and the Target curve data to automatically create the Calibration curve.

Do you leave the Current linear, and enter the Wanted numbers in the Target and let Harmony create the calibration curve?

The reason I ask is because:

  1. Make sure I’m entering the data correctly
  2. We ran a linear set of plates and it looked good. We made a set of curves went back on press and the gray great good right up to about 67%. The delta went up from 5.6 on the linear run to 9.36 on the calibrated run. It appears that something happened around the 3/4 tones.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

Yes, anybody who has experience with Harmony please chime in here.

I can point you to page 50 of the Curve2 manual pdf which contains specific instructions for working with the Harmony RIP.

Also, you describe the neutral curving process as working great up until 60 % or so. Actually by default, the Curve2 software will begin to taper off the correction it puts into the gray balance at the 50% mark. You want a smooth transition from neutral gray to paper white as you go closer to the highlights. Of course you can change this with the slider in the Gray Balance Control tab in the Create Curves section of Curve2. You can change this so that the taper off of the effect happens later if you wish.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the quick follow up.

I did verify that our “none” setting in Harmony really is none on the plate.

One thing I did notice is that while playing around with the “Precision Grey Balance” check box there seems to be a significant difference in the extreme shadows. I’m very confident in the linear press run but not to sure about the calibrated run. I’m not sure whether I should have “Precision Grey Balance” checked or unchecked.

If possible I’d love to send you our session file and get your opinion.


Hi Rick,

Sure. You can send the session file through the Feedback form that is built into the Curve2 software. In your case, the “type” would be a “Tech Support Question” and you can load whatever files you like at the bottom of the form. That’s always a good way to ask questions, because it gets into our system, and we have to answer them or else they stay there forever.

Of course the forums work well too. Oftentimes people have questions that others can learn from - so we try to give you plenty of options.