Curve 2 software update

Can I still purchase an upgrade for Curve 2 software for the lower price? Or am I too late.

Sorry to say that you’re too late. The final Curve2 Loyalty Upgrade period ended March 3rd. The on-going price will now be $799 for the upgrade. However, many people feel Curve2 is underpriced for what it delivers, namely better results and much more usable functionality. This equates to a very high ROI in any case.

Thank you for the reply. I will upgrade to the latest version. If I wanted to change from a PC to a Mac on the upgrade, is this possible?

Thank you.


By all mean, YES. That’s the best time to do it.

I’m so glad you’re asking about that now, before you’ve bought the upgrade.
Too often we hear from people who have already used their authorization code to create a username and serial number for a particular OS platform (Win or Mac) and then decide later they’ve changed their minds. Because of the way we do things, the license can only work on one platform. We can’t change it after the fact - so changing platforms when you’ re upgrading is the thing to do!