Curve 3 Control Points

  1. Does anyone know how to get custom control points to STAY in a saved Curve3 session? When I save a C3 session with custom control points and reopen it, the control points have reverted back to the default “10%” set. I don’t recall it being this way in C2 and C1.

  2. (for the Curve3 software writers, a feature request) Is it possible, when I save a custom Control Point set, to have that set show up in the drop down list from that point forward?


With previous versions of Curve, there was not even a way of saving custom control points. The ability to save and load them was added with Curve3. They don’t reload with a re-opened session, but here’s something you can do to make it a lot easier to add back in your custom set. Start at the 12 minute mark:

Here Steve talks about creating a folder that will allow you to always have your custom control point set in the popup list.

An additional note:
The folder you would create should be called “Control Point Files” (not control point lists as it says in the video.)
Any saved control points that you put in that folder will always and every time show up at the bottom of your pop-up list of control points.