Curve differances between 1.1 and 2.0 Mac

At a client and having very serious color issues on press with the Mac Version 2.0 of the software.

The Curves generated from Version 2.0 didn’t correct the color to match to the Neutral values. Instead it got worse. So the original Linear sheet was pretty good except too warm. The resulting curve made from Version 2.0 made it much worse.

I took the same Linear data into Version 1.1 and the curves it came up with were very different.

So why is there such a difference? And what would you recommend in the future of using version 2.0?

Also we did try the BASED ON iteration technique. It was even worse than the 2nd run.

Hmmm. It’s hard to say without seeing your data.
At first glance I’d guess that you were plugging “measured” values into the RIP where it wants “wanted” values or vice-verse?

Feel free to submit your measurement files, screenshots - and whatever else we might need in order to understand what you’re dealing with - into the Feedback System (under Curve2.0 > Feedback System) and that will get to us so we’ll take a look.

At my SC plant and a sister plant in WA, we both get great results after the initial linear press run, but after that the results go farther away. We rely on our “eye” to tweak the color. I’m trying to get stochastic color tuned in now and the color after the initial run moved close, but we could visually tell it was too dark and too red. Curve1 and Curve2 told us to add M and CYK as well. It went darker and redder.

I’m new to this forum so I’ll enter a session in Curve2 and post a feedback and see what happens.