Curve2 and i1Profiler


I just upgraded to Lion and was going to read in my P2P targets and make new curves for our press using i1 Profiler but must have missed my senile meds this morning because I can’t get it to work at all.

Pretty sure I used it before when I compared the measurements from Profiler, ColorPort and MeasureTool to check for differences.

I still have MeasureTool on a Windows machine and ColorPort but if you can tell me how to do it in Profiler I’d appreciate it, just as soon do it there as on other machines to stay up to date.

Latest i1 Profiler with i1Pro, not i1Pro2 yet.


Hello Terry,

I recently got the best advice on reading a P2P fromKelly VandenBosch of XRite.

He sent me a ZIP file with the required reference file and a video how to.

I confirm this procedure works to read P2Ps.

Not sure if zip file with get to forum with this email,if not someone email me at (

and I can forward the zip file for distribution to the list.

Special thanks to Kelly


Dan Wilson

Here is a link to download the 8 minute .mov movie detailing how to use i1Profiler to measure a P2P25 target. This also includes the saved workflow (.rwxf file) that is necessary to load into i1Profiler to do this.

Also see the ColorForums threads about ColorThink: