custom .icm profile not showing up in Photoshop

I just paid to have a profile made by a professional profile-making company for a printer/paper combination. Once I saved it to Boot/Library/Colorsync/Profiles , it became visible in a Finder window of the Profiles folder. (Mac OS X 10.7.5) But it is not visible from inside Photoshop CS5 when I try to use the profile. It’s also not visible to the ColorSync Utility. The person who made it is baffled. We have double-checked many possible sources of the problem, making sure we do not misunderstand one another. I have tried renaming it to end with .icc . I have tried many things, but nothing works so far. I am no expert when it comes to .icc profiles, but I have installed many of them and used many of them in Photoshop (this week, even) with no trouble at all before now. So I’m not a total newbie. But I’m baffled, too. So I come to you in the hope that you can help.

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update: this has been solved.

(The company worker tried again and created a profile that does show up in Photoshop; it works now) --Mark

I have run into this before and it has baffled me as well. We have been contacted by someone who got one of our profiles from someone else. Apparently this profile would not show up in Photoshop. Getting him the original zipped profile directly from our database did the trick and he could see it just fine then.

Thanks Patrick.

Here’s a more in-depth account of my problem and its resolution, as discussed on another forum: … icseen#new