Custom profiles dropped by display prefs after screensaver

Anyone else having this problem?

Mac Pro 2.66GHz Quad-Core/Eizo CG211/ACD 20/OS 10.5.8

When my screensaver kicks on (our IT enforces a 15-minute max period of inactivity before launching into screensaver mode so I cannot set to ‘Never’) and it comes out of screensaver, one or both (sometimes none, this is sporadic) of my custom monitor profiles for the Eizo (main display) and Apple (secondary) are dropped by Displays Preferences. The machine reverts back to the OS auto-generated profiles.

The only fix I have been able to find is to keep the display prefs icon in the menu bar and click it, open the prefs and the machine then kicks back into the custom profiles.

I tried creating custom profiles and naming the same as what the OS auto profiles are named and replacing them in the HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays folder but no luck. This seems to be a bug between what I can only assume the OS and this particular machine as I did not have this issue on a previous Mac Pro 2x2.66GHz dual-core.

This may very well be some issue with the user profile our IT department set up when they configured this machine for me but before I go back to them and have my machine completely re-imaged I wanted to find out if anyone else is also having this particular issue. Our IT has our machines fairly locked down so I cannot test very much (like install a previous OS update, etc.).

Thom Schroeder
color analyst REI

For those picking up on this thread later…
Thom’s problem is a known bug in the Leopard OS that Apple never did develop a fix for. This problem does not happen in Snow Leopard (10.6.)

Of course, it’s an easy solution to go into the Displays preferences and access the Color tab - and the correct profile is then instantly loaded into the LUTs. It’s an “easy solution”, but it’s annoying at the same time to have to do this to begin with. :confused:

You put it perfectly Pat regarding the fix …

Just want to add perhaps this is hardware-specific as it did not happen until I upgraded to the quad-core Mac Pro. But it hasn’t happened much since I posted this, so perhaps just mentioning it on a forum resolved the issue! : )

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