CX_Monitor_weird profile, Photoshop, and web browsers

Many thanks for your chromixColorNews #35 and the stunt profiles. I used CX_Monitor_weird to diagnose a problem I’m having on a dual-monitor win7/64-bit PC.

Interestingly, it shows conclusively that Photoshop is constantly paying attention to the profile associated with each monitor and doing the right thing. This screen capture shows Photoshop with its image display window straddling my two monitors. The left monitor has a normal profile, and the right one has CX_Monitor_weird, and you can see that Photoshop handles them both properly.

However, I have a problem understanding the behaviour of supposedly color-aware browsers such as Firefox 3.6 and Safari.

I’ve discovered that both of these don’t seem to be dual-monitor aware. It seems they just ask Windows “what’s the monitor profile?” and get the answer for screen 1. Ok, it’s bad but were used to that!

BUT, I really thought that if I set CX_Monitor_weird as the default profile for screen 1, then if I browsed images having embedded profiles using FF3.6 or Safari, then they would show the same kind of weird colours as Photoshop does. But they don’t. In fact, all images look normal in these browsers, even with the weird profile in effect. With Firefox there’s a way I can force it to use a named monitor profile, and I forced it to use CX_Monitor_weird, and it STILL didn’t show anything weird.

Is the weirdness in CX_Monitor_weird in the A2B0 LUTs? Monitor profiles made by Eye-One Match 3 don’t seem to have any such things. Why do you think Firefox and Safari aren’t paying attention to the A2B0 stuff?

Sorry for the extended delay in a response.

I think the problem you are witnessing may have to do with Safari and Firefox only picking up the monitor profile at launch time. Photoshop and a few other apps respond immediately to new monitor profiles but many apps only look at launch time…

Otherwise, it is possible that FF doesn’t want to use the LUTs in the monitor profile but I think it uses them OK…

Oh, one other potential problem is that FF doesn’t like v4 profiles at this time. I can’t remember if the monitor stunt profile is a v2 or v4 profile but that might be the problem as well…

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, hopefully this late one will suffice!