DDC cal of NEC 2090uxi with Eye One Display 2

When I calibrate my (USA-spec) NEC 2090uxi to something other than native WP/gamma in DDC mode, using the Eye One Display 2 and Eye One 3.6 (or 3.6.1) software (as distinguished from NEC’s own Spectraview II software), is it accessing the monitor’s internal 10-bit LUTs or simply hitting the video card? I’m running Win XP SP2.


Nill Toulme

Nill, I tried to answer this on dpreview but it was overwhelmed by other posts.

It’s easy to check. Just calibrate to targets that are reasonably far from your native monitor state. Then look at the curves displayed in the end (the LUTs adjustment curves). If the curves look like one straight diagonal line running down the midle - then DDC works. If they still look like normal curves - you are using videocard LUTs for calibration.

Thanks Serge, I will try it.