Delta E Type Has No Effect on Delta-E Numbers in Color List

I ran across this major bug (if confirmed) in Colorthink Pro:

  1. Open Color Worksheet
  2. Open an RGB image 300 X 200 which has embedded Prophoto RGB color space
  3. Add a printer profile to the workflow (in this case, Atkinson Profile for Epson 9600 Premium Semimatte) with rendering intent set to relative
  4. Click on dE button just under the workflow tab and set to DeltaE 2000
  5. Click on Colorchecker Target under the Image tab
  6. Click and draw over image to create Color List
  7. Note the numbers in the Delta-E 2000 column of the Color List
    8 Change Delta-E type to Delta-E (76)

Result: The numbers do not change by what Delta-E type is selected.

Notes: If you move step 4 to between steps 6 and 7, all delta-E values are zero. However, changing delta-E type now recalculates delta-E properly and put correct values in the Color List.

Reproducible every time on my system. Can anyone confirm on PC or Mac?


  • Performing step 6 generates Error n01 on my PC.

  • I confirm dE values of ZERO when moving step 4 between 6 and 7. Toggling dE type recalculates.


Confirmed on mac