Demo-evaluation GUI issues on windows

I am trying ColorThink on Windows, and right out of the gate I am seeing quirky behavior in the GUI.

The Profile Manager, when I maximize the this window it is not well behaved. It maximizes with the top right controls way off the screen to the right, and I have to double click on the title bar of this window to get it back into a state I can use it. In short, it doesn’t maximize properly inside it’s parent window.

Also, when moving this child around inside it’s parent window, there is strange behavior in the upper left part of the parent window. It is as if there is some ghost docking type behavior going on.

As this is my first impressions of the system, I am immediately wondering if I am going to have problems using this application.

Additionally, in the Profile Manager window, I cannot resize the column headers such that I can read the data in the columns, and the drop down arrow for some header is presented on the ‘C’ character in the column ColorSpace. Several of the labels are cut off and cannot be read, and in general, it’s not what I would call production quality GUI.

Something is off… any suggestions? Did I download an older beta version?
I am on a windows 10 system in that is in good health.

I was about to buy this, but now I am on full stop worried it will be kludgy.

well, I can only conclude this app is indeed end of life.

Hi Karl,

My apologies for the delay in reply.

We’re actually very actively working on the new major version of ColorThink, which is part of the reason our responses to queries can be slower than desired.

As for the window / layout issue, I’m not sure we’ve received a report of the one you’re describing. We are still doing maintenance releases on the current version so I’ll make a note of it to evaluate it and see if we can get a fix in the queue.

Oh also, the Profile Manager column resize request is something we have heard about but the integration between column layout and the workflow / transform alignment makes it tough. We are addressing it in the new version.

Please know that ColorThink is our “first love” and we’ve been releasing updates and fixes over time and there’s absolutely no way it’s going anywhere!

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for the feedback