Determine Driver Version?

I’m using an Epson 1280 with Windows XP operating system. I’m trying to figure out what driver version I have so I can upgrade if necessary. Would I go into the Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > Epson Stylus Photo 1280 > Properties, then look at the version information tab?

When I follow the described steps, the information I find is EPSON Color Printing System - Version 5.22/P

This listing doesn’t seem to meet the version convention listed at the Epson support site for drivers. The ones list there are:

[b]v5.5aAs for Windows XP 64-bit Edition posted 08/10/05

v5.2cA listed for Windows XP posted on 10/20/04[/b]

My operating system is Windows XP professional, but do not know anything about the 64-bit edition or how to determine if I have it. Will someone please help me to clear this up so I can determine if I have the correct driver for my printer?