Determining Ink Limit on iPF9000

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This is the first time i post in this forum.

I have recently bought a Canon iPF9000. When printing within the driver, the prints are exceptional. But i need to take advantage of the capabilities of a RIP. Since my last EPSON9800 i have been working with Wasatch Softrip. Now with the 7color Canon i am not able to successfuly determine total ink limit. I have tried to limit inks individually both by density and by chroma. No good.

I have also tried several other RIPs. Ergosoft’s Studioprint is very slow for the new Canon, and at the same time ColorGPS (its native profilemaking application) could not give me a decent profile. The problems occured mainly in skin tones.

Even when i manage to achieve some kind of acceptable ink limitting, and even when linearization looks really good, my 7color profile is unacceptable.

I have come to a dead-end. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Although you would need to buy a copy of ColorThink Pro, another very effective method to ink limiting is to useColorThink Pro’s Ink Limiting feature. It is a very visual approach. I’ve mentioned how to do this in a previous posting, but feel free to call me offline to explain further. End of commercial.

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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CMYKRGB printers are a nightmare to handle if you build RIPs for a living.

The problem is, as you’ve found, too much ink! All the RIPs are set to handle 4 channels but struggle with the extra ink available.

Despite their many claims, all OEM RIPs are currently fighting to squeeze this extra ink set into their existing work flows - some do a better job than others.

Onyx does a good job now but the profiling process is more drawn-out for 7 color printers and not very user-friendly. It is effective though. I have tried others which are easier and less complex but give poor results as you have found.

The key is to use Chroma to set the ink values rather than density, and not be afraid to set your light inks way below the normal inks - 50% or more. You need software to measure Chroma (Onyx v7.1 will do this) and time to learn how to measure the ink chroma accurately.

I have not tried Colorthink - I hope “visual approach” applies to the GUI and not to the measurement as visual measurement of ink restrictions is from the stone-age in today’s world with 7 colors.

Even using density as a measurement at all is the wrong approach with this ink set.